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 About the SchoolInformation Technology     January 23, 2017  

Mr. Gunther Kohn
Chief Information Officer

University at Buffalo
State University of New York
School of Dental Medicine
108 Squire Hall
Buffalo, NY 14214

Phone: (716) 829-2057
FAX: (716) 829-2294



Office of Information Resources

Information Technology

Information Technology at the UB School of Dental Medicine plays an increasingly important role in preparing future dentists for the practice of modern dentistry and contributes to enhancing the quality and effectiveness of oral health care of our patients. It helps the faculty and staff work more productively, enables faculty to teach more effectively, and helps improve the operational efficiency of our dental care clinics.

In addition, the University at Buffalo’s IT environment supports a rich array of technologies and information resources for academic, research, and administrative use. Two examples are the University’s significant investments in Bioinformatics research computing and instructional technology resources.

Vision and Mission

Over the years, the School of Dental Medicine has emerged as a leader in the application of IT to dental education, patient care, and research. We are committed to continuing this tradition of excellence and are guided by the following vision statement:

The Office of Information Resources ensures that the pursuit of the School of Dental Medicine's vision is supported by state-of-the-art Information Technology that establishes the School at the cutting edge of innovation and excellence in dental education, research, and patient care.

Our mission, in partnership with the University’s computing and information technology office and through close consultation with our customers, is to provide:

  • An IT infrastructure capable of accommodating a wide variety of connectivity and service demands.
  • A computing environment that encourages faculty, student and staff innovation in the areas of education, research, patient care, and administration.
  • Faculty, student and staff access to the best possible technological resources and support.

We constantly work to to make sure that we are in alignment with the objectives and vision of the School so that we can deliver relevant services to our customers.

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